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I have written many posts here on staying organized and productive (by setting goals, using a calendar, and staying focused), but there is not one resource I have found that has helped me be organized better than Evernote. Evernote has transformed how I keep myself organized, both in my professional and personal life. This series of short posts will take an in-depth look into how I use Evernote for a more organized life.

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Over the past week, I have detailed how I use Evernote in my professional life for job searching, student teaching, and presenting. I also use Evernote outside of “work,” though. Here are a few ways I use (or have used) Evernote in my personal life:

Personal Life Applications

These are a few of the applications Evernote has for me in my personal life:

  • To Do Lists: Using Evernote, I can email or Tweet (@MyEN) anything I need to add to my to do list straight into my “To Do” notebook. All I have to do is include “@ To Do” in the subject line of an email, and it gets sent straight to the correct notebook. This way, no matter where I am, I can add things to my to do list. Also, it syncs with me wherever I go!
  • Recipes/Grocery Lists: I have been spending more time this semester experimenting in the kitchen. When I find a recipe I want to try, I can clip it into Evernote and tag it with the appropriate ingredients, and then do a tag search to find out which ingredients I need when I go to the store. From here, I create my list in Evernote, and it syncs to my phone for easy portability when I go shopping.
  • Class: While this isn’t necessarily “personal,” I used Evernote to take notes in my classes when I was enrolled in on-campus courses. I had a “Class” notebook, and tagged each note with the course code to keep them separated. Even if I forgot my laptop, I could take notes by hand and snap a photo of my notes (or a photo of the whiteboard) into Evernote afterwards. Remember, the text in the photos is searchable!
  • Books to Get: I get a ton of book recommendations from classmates, friends, family, and colleagues. If I ever see a book I want, I put it in my “Books to Get” notebook. If I have access to a copy of it, I snap a photo of the cover and the ISBN number for easy searching down the line. Whenever I have a little extra money for books (what a concept, huh??), I can just refer to this notebook for the next one to get! Here’s an example of a note I clipped reminding myself to get Susan Haugland (@shaugland)’s book, Crowd Control: Classroom Management and Effective Teaching for Chorus, Band and Orchestra, which is also available on Amazon (affiliate link)!

How About YOU?

This was the last post in my Evernote series that details how I use Evernote. Tomorrow, however, is all about you! I have been collecting, both over Twitter (find me at @Zweibz7 and this website at @MusicEdMajor) and through blog comments, the ways in which you use Evernote (yes, I have been tracking them in an Evernote notebook!). I will take some of the most innovative responses, and include them in tomorrow’s wrap-up post, along with some bonus tips that fit into the categories I’ve already written on.

So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment and tell me how YOU use Evernote in your life. you could be featured in tomorrow’s post!

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