Music Education Blog Carnival – November 2011 Edition

Welcome to the November Edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival. This edition features tons of great articles by old and new bloggers alike. Topics range anywhere from performance tips for the french horn to music pedagogy techniques. As always, if you like and article, leave the author a comment or insightful thought either here or on their specific article. Enjoy!

Music Advocacy

Karen French presents Dr. Thomas Moore: Educational Consultant Early Childhood Development posted at Dr. Thomas Moore, saying, “This article could also be used in the Music Education Category”

Music Education

Susie Ahrens presents An Interview with Tubist, Andrew Hitz (part 1) posted at For the Love of Tuba.

David French presents Songs with scrolling lyrics posted at Tanbur Music Education Blogspot, saying, “Songs with scrolling lyrics are a feature of TANBUR MUSIC EDUCATION LINKS. You can discover several that are unique to the website, together with related links.”

Eugene Cantera presents 6 Things I’ve Learned WhileTeaching Music posted at Discover, Learn, Play.

Yiyi Ku presents How much should I practice? posted at Yiyi Ku Piano Studio Murrieta Temecula CA, saying, “Piano, practice, teaching, lessons”

Natalie Wickham presents Congratulations on Brushing Your Teeth! posted at Music Matters Blog, saying, “Ever feel like you have to acknowledge every little accomplishment just to feed your students’ sense of self-worth and keep them coming back for more? This post highlights the importance of recognizing and praising true character to help students achieve greater success in all their musical pursuits.”

Music Pedagogy

Thomas J. West presents Teaching Chord Theory To Secondary Music Performance Ensembles – Thomas J. West Music posted at Thomas J. West Music, saying, “As part of a sequential curriculum in music education, my instrumental music performance students continually learn and practice written music notation. This begins with rote scale and arpeggio study. Once the students have become familiar with the first three key areas they are prepared to start talking about chord theory and simple harmonic progressions.”

Music Performance

Lisa Hood presents The 10 Best Diss Songs in History posted at ZenCollegeLife, saying, “If we’ve learned anything from musicals, it’s that emotions are better expressed through song.”

Allan Mathieu Perkins presents the Harmon Mute posted at The Oil Valley Hornist.

Music Tips

Susie Ahrens presents Play Louder Without Blasting posted at For the Love of Tuba.

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A special thanks to Dr. Joeseph Pisano for facilitating and maintaining the music education blog carnival!


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Andrew Ritenour is a senior Music Education major at Grove City College in Grove City, PA. He is actively involved in many performing ensembles including brass quintets, concert bands, marching bands, and choirs. Andy plays Tuba and is the Percussion Instructor for the Somerset Area HS Marching Band. You can find him on twitter at @andrewritenour or at AndrewRitenour.Com!