#MusEdChat Recap- Life Lessons (10-18-10)

Students may not understand why the hair on their neck is standing up, or why tears are forming, but we as educators can capture that emerging moment, and begin the conversation where feelings can become something tangible. – @travisjweller

The #MusEdChat participants on 10/18/10 moderated by @MrAhrens discussed what some life lessons are that we teach our students and ourselves through music education and what life lessons in general we can learn from music. [Read more...]

#MusEdChat Recap- METOS 2010 (10-11-10)

METOS 2010 was a groundbreaking event for music education and music teachers everywhere. It was a great example of how teachers can easily attend professional development sessions and collaborate with other music educators. – @Zweibz7

The #MusEdChat participants on 10/11/10 reflected upon METOS 2010 and shared some of the highlights from the day and what they learned from attending. [Read more...]

#MusEdChat Recap- Innovations (10-4-10)

Innovations in music education and technology are great and have helped to make great strides in music education, but we cannot forget that we teach hi-touch art. Hi-tech comes only after the fact. -@travisjweller

The #MusEdChat participants on 10/4/10 discussed innovations in music education over the past ten years and what impact they have had on teachers and students. [Read more...]

#MusEdChat Recap- Measuring Understanding (9-27-10)

There are areas that are easily assessed and there are areas that are more subjective. As music teachers we need to look at both of these areas. – @pisanojm

The #MusEdChat participants on 9/27/10 disucssed how music teachers can better measure student understanding of both the performance and knowledge aspects of music. [Read more...]

#MusEdChat Recap- Staying Healthy (9-20-10)

β€œThe bottom line is that you have to live with your body for the rest of your life. Spend time and care for your students, but remember that they come and go. You only get one body so make sure you take care of it.” – @lovedrummin

The #MusEdChat participants on 9/20/10 discussed how music teachers can stay healthy throughout the year and what some tricks are for not getting sick especially during the first few weeks of school. [Read more...]

#MusEdChat Recap- Curriculum (9-13-10)

Teachers need to own their curriculum whether or not they write it. Choose your curriculum and use it as if it is yours- @MusicEdTech

The #MusEdChat participants on 9/13/10 discussed curriculum and what resources are available to aid music teachers in building a K-12 curriculum. [Read more...]

#MusEdChat Recap- Student Teaching (9-6-10)

The best mentors understand that their job is not to create a clone, but to support the student teacher so that they find their own teaching style and help them become the best teacher possible. – @rhodabernard

The #MusEdChat participants on 9/6/10 discussed the student teaching process and what cooperating teachers can do to ensure that the student teacher has a great educational experience. [Read more...]