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This Week’s #MusEdChat

Here’s the information on the upcoming week’s #MusEdChat:

  • When: Monday, June 27 at 8:00 PM EDT/12:00 AM GMT
  • Topic:

What IS #MusEdChat?

#MusEdChat is a weekly chat on Twitter that is centered around discussion of topics significant to music educators. Participants submit topic ideas, vote on the topic each week, and then get together one evening each week to discuss their thoughts on the topic using Twitter. Afterwards, the chat transcripts are recorded and posted so those that weren’t there can read what others said, and so those that were there can catch up on what they may have not noticed.

  • Chats will occur on Mondays at 8 pm EST.
  • If you have a topic suggestion, fill out the Topic Submission Form to submit your idea
  • Each week, a few days before the discussion, a TwtPoll will be started with up to five possible topics for discussion. Whichever topic has the most votes after a few days will be the topic of discussion for that week.
  • Topics that are not selected in a given week will be put up for vote again in the following weeks

How Can I Participate?

  • Simply log on to your favorite Twitter client at the chat time, and set up a search for #musedchat!
  • Some suggested clients for managing the flow of information:
  • When the chat starts, all you have to do is post your thoughts/reactions/questions using the hashtag #musedchat!
  • If you see a comment from someone else that you find interesting, it is encouraged that you “Re-Tweet” that comment to YOUR followers to extend the conversation!
  • Don’t forget, you can get more information on getting started by reading our all-inclusive guide!

#MusEdChat Around the Web

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